Thursday, October 18, 2007

What is a "Lote Tree" anyway?

I have had many people ask me that question. I thought I would write a little something to convey our understanding of it.
What exactly is a Lote Tree? The Lote Tree is a mythical tree found in many religions and cultural traditions throughout history. We like to think of it as the tree of life. The oils we use to make our products are of the highest quality food-grade and come from trees that in their native lands, are considered trees of life. Consider the Olive tree in the Mediterranean, the coconut and palm trees in the tropics, the karite tree in Africa and the cacao tree in South America.
There are also numerous mystical definitions of the Lote Tree. Egyptians believed God sat on top of a Lote-Tree high above muddy water symbolizing mind over matter and the divine intellect. The ancient Egyptians also believed the sacred sycamore tree was the door between life and death, a link between both worlds. Muslims believe there is a Lote Tree in the seventh heaven, beyond which there is no passing. Ancient Arabs used to plant such trees to mark the ends of roads. Interestingly, a “Lotus Eater” is defined in Brewer’s Dictionary of phrase and fable as “One living in ease and luxury”. This is certainly how we want our customers to feel.
The Celts also highly regarded trees and considered them to be bridges between the underworld, the middle world and the upper world. In this sense the tree lives in three worlds- its roots in the earth, the trunk on the ground and the branches and leaves in the air. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the tree grows in the center of Eden. The tree is also a symbol of resurrection. The tree looses its leaves and "dies" in the winter to be reborn again in the spring. We hope our customers feel a sense of renewal and rebirth when using our soaps, scrubs and lotions.
The tree plays a central role in the mystic study of the Torah and is also repeatedly mentioned in the Bible's book of revelation. In the Norse tradition, it is called Ygdrasil, an Ash tree that supports the world. In the book of Morman, it is a symbol of God's love. The tree was the center of the universe in ancient Mayan culture. Everyone, it seems, has their own tree.
What does your tree look like? Is it a tall hundred-year old oak with large green leaves? Is it a sapling pine pushing its way through the cracked concrete of the city? Please think of The Lote Tree as your special secret tree. It's your place to come and be with yourself under its sheltering branches. Empty your mind of idle thoughts. Here, at The Lote Tree, there is always time for you.


raj-kx 6:00 PM  

were can i buy lote tree leaves i live in the uk

Margaret 5:59 AM  

It is the hackberry tree, also called in French the micocoulier: It is a tree that grows to a great height and is found in Provence and other warm climates.

Annec 7:41 AM  

The Lote Tree
Offers referance to the three daughters of Sin...,the moon god.
All children, as they mature into adulthood, become attached as the children of Sin.
The tree of life was most likely a fig tree, first culivated in India since the begining of time.
Adam: dated 2965 BC.
The Historic Flood 2665 BC.
and Abraham dated 2465 BC.

Mohammad Ahmad 11:51 AM  

i live in india ..whre can i find lote tree leaves?

Mohammad Ahmad 11:52 AM  

i live in india ..whre can i find lote tree leaves?

Glennell Burnette 7:29 AM



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